This service is perfect for Gifts! 

Know someone who flew a particular plane? Always settled for prints of that TYPE of plane before, but not the specific aircraft he flew? Need a reasonably priced alternative to commissioning a full painting? This may be your answer!  For an average price of $100 you can create the perfect gift – a stunningly beautiful highly detailed print a specific aircraft! if the image is available here as a print, it can be customized!

Customize it Fees start at $30 for the most basic alteration, equating to a $70 cost for the final print. Each project is individual so can only be quoted after receiving further information.

How does Customization Work?

The prints for sale on this site are individually printed by order. The artist himself oversees the production process, assuring that the highest standards are maintained.  All prints originate from digital sources, and thus are accessible as computer based files. The artist can open and manipulate these files, creating new and UNIQUE versions of the images. 

As no two CUSTOMIZE IT projects require the same amount of work, there is no set fee for this service. If you are interested in a CUSTOMIZE IT print you are requested to email the artist for a price quote.  Please include as much information as possible for the customization that you desire. 

Following is a guide for the artist to use in determining a CUSTOMIZE IT cost for your individual project. 

Please include as much of this information as possible in your E-Mail!

Please make the title of your email “Customize It!”

Customize it.. Basic questions and limitations

For Aircraft…

— Can you provide a photograph or series of photographs of the specific markings you want depicted? Do you know the time frame and specific military unit you wish depicted? The more information available the more accurate the price quote will be. Also, limiting the research necessary by the artist will provide for a lower quoted price!

— Is the aircraft in the same overall paint scheme as that in the exisiting image?

— Do you want any elements other than the aircraft altered? If so, what elements? 

Background Elements?


Lighting of the aircraft?

(Note that altering any of these elements will likely require substantial image rework, and thus a larger Customize It Fee.)

Note: The angle of view of the aircraft cannot be altered without a total custom re-creation. This would require from 50-100 hours of the artists time and would be expensive! For such an extensive revision a complete new image Commission is suggested.. price for such can be quoted from the email link here as well. It might be cheaper to request a total Commission, as the artist could spread the cost of the original work by selling prints. 

The artist will provide a price break if the option of selling further prints of the customized version is retained.